Realistic Science-Based Stress Relief Solutions For Busy People

I help busy, overworked, analytical people reduce stress and relieve anxiety through simple breathing, yoga, and meditation techniques so that they can unwind, sleep better, and be more productive!




Feeling overworked, overwhelmed & burned out?

Poorly managing our stress levels can be the hidden cause of so many issues in our day-to-day lives.

Reduced Mental Clarity

It robs us of our focus and productivity making the simplest of tasks a long drawn-out process using more of our precious time.

Poor Relationships

It damages our relationships with others. No one wants to be around us when we’re anxious, irritable, cranky, and on edge all the time.

Damaged Health

Stress is the leading cause of preventable disease. It negatively affects everything from blood pressure to poor sleep and exhaustion.

You Don’t Have To Become A Statistic 

While we can’t completely avoid stress we can lean better ways to manage our stress.

According to the American Institute of Stress, 57% of people felt hopeless or paralyzed as a result of their stress level, while 73% of people experienced negative mental health effects, and 77% of people experienced negative effects on their physical health.

Feel Paralyzed or Helpless 57%
Mental Heath Problems 73%
Physical Health Problems 77%

*The American Institute of Stress

FREE 5-Minute Guided Meditation for Focus & Clarity

Because sitting still and thinking of nothing for hours just isn’t realistic. Lets be honest, the harder you try to stop thinking the more thoughts keep rushing into your head.

Learn how to calm your busy mind and racing thoughts with this easy FREE Guided Meditation for Focus & Clarity.

Take control and stop stress and overwhelm in their tracks

Learn & Understand

Taking back control starts with understanding the science behind your nervous system’s stress response and learning how to take advantage of this connection.

Practice & Implement

Use quick, easy-to-learn, practical techniques that relieve stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and balance energy. Bonus they can be used anywhere anytime.

Take Control & Win

Life comes at you fast so learn how to implement what you’ve learned in your day to day life. No need to stop life in its tracks, utilize the techniques you’ve learned in the moment.

Hi there, I’m Andrea

I’m a certified breath coach and registered yoga instructor. I’m also a former insomniac, have struggled with fatigue, and had my own battle with anxiety so I know how it feels.

I teach busy analytical people how to use quick and easy techniques to find fast stress relief. I love to combine yoga, breathwork, and meditation to help you let go of stress and anxiety.

Nobody should have to experience the crushing feeling of stress all the time! That’s why I seek to help others thrive in life by teaching techniques that will fit into your hectic life, and my hope is that I can help you find relief too!

I believe everyone deserves to live a life where they feel at ease


I want to make stress relief techniques easy and accessible

I know that I can help you fit self-care into your life no matter how busy you are

Get Back In The Divers Seat!

You don’t have to feel like you’re stuck on autopilot, getting tossed around by your environment leaving you feeling anxious, exhausted, imbalanced, and out of wack.

Let me help you with quick easy stress relief techniques that can be used anywhere anytime.

Learn to take back control and put a stop to stress and anxiety in the moment!